Awards Committee

Awards Committee

The purpose of the Awards Committee is to create a mechanism for recognizing individuals who have served the Chapter and profession of physical therapy. It is accountable to the Board of Directors, and consists of three members. The members of the committee may be former recipients of the awards. The vice president is an ex-officio member of the committee. The chairperson is appointed by the Executive Committee.

Committee Members

Kathleen Birnbaum, PT (C) Committee Chairperson

Sushant Abrol, PT, MS, DPT
Robert Streb, PT, PhD

Erin Stack (Staff Liaison)

2020 Award Nominations


Any Chapter member or district may submit nominations.  It is important that all nominations be well supported with information about the nominees' activities that indicate their appropriateness for the award.


Deadline for submitting nominations is April 2, 2020.  Multiple entries may be submitted.





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Awards Committee Procedure Manual







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The following is a list of descriptions of NYPTA awards:

  • Dr. Marilyn Moffat Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes an NYPTA member who has made an outstanding contribution to physical therapy. The recipient will have demonstrated consistent service to the development of the physical therapy profession, beyond that which is inherent in being a member of the profession. This commitment of service is demonstrated by contributions to the profession in the following areas:

  • 1. The profession of physical therapy in any of the following areas:

a. Education. The recipient has fostered the development of quality
learning experiences that promote sustaining and improving the
physical therapy profession, including teaching in areas such as
academic, in-service or continuing education; development and
implementation of teaching methods; administration of a PT program.

b. Clinical research. The recipient has initiated or participated in
laboratory and/or clinical research that has promoted the development
of the physical therapy profession and has published or disseminated
the results of such research.

c. Service. The recipient has demonstrated service to the profession in
patient care, consultation, administration or education as a liaison to
other health care organizations and/or committees.

2. The APTA or its components: The recipient has promoted the organization
and its goals.

3. Community: The recipient has demonstrated involvement in organizations
such as service organizations; local, state or federal government in and elected or voluntary capacity.

  • Lifetime Service Award. The recipient shall have demonstrated a commitment to the profession of physical therapy by serving NYPTA:

    1. Throughout their physical therapy career on an ongoing, consistent basis.
    2. Through service primarily to the Chapter in any elected or appointed capacity but may also include District or National activities.
    3. By providing contributions that are worthy of mention and which will be judged on the basis of results and not merely the duration or continuity of that service.

  • Leslie J Wood Outstanding Service to Chapter Award. The recipient will have made outstanding contributions to the New York Chapter in promoting the organization and its goals.

  • Leadership Development Award
    The recipient will exemplify the spirit of leadership development within the profession of physical therapy through, but not limited to, the following:
    • Participation or promotion of the mentor/protegee relationship.
    • Participation or promotion of attendance at the leadership Development Workshop, Delegate Assembly, Lobby Day or other association leadership activities.
    • Creation and implementation of innovative ideas for developing leaders within the profession.
    • Creation and implementation of methods to keep the spirit of leadership alive through out the professional life cycle.

  • Merit Award. The recipient will have made meritorious contributions in on of the following capacities: as a member of the Chapter Board of Directors, as a task force or committee Chairperson, or by committing time and resources to the Chapter and the profession.

  • Doreen Frank Legislative Award. The nominee shall have demonstrated consistent, otusanting participation in the legislative arena by promoting initiatives that preserve, protect and advance the practice of physical therapy in NYS.

    Activities shall include the following:

a) attendance at Lobby Day
b) interaction with legislators, re: current legislative issues
c) promotion of and participation in PAC activities
d) involvement in legislative activities on a district and/or chapter level

  • Public Relations Award. The recipient will have fostered public awareness of the profession of physical therapy through utilization of the media, community activities, special events or promotion of PT Month, etc. Nominations may be submitted for Districts, individuals, facilities or schools, and must be substantiated by written information, photographs, brochures/printed materials or copies of articles, etc. Activities of Chapter committees are not eligible for consideration.

  • New York Chapter Appreciation Award. This award is not limited to physical therapists or APTA members. The individual will have fostered the ideas and/or ethics of physical therapy through service to the New York Chapter or the profession.

  • Outstanding Service to District Award. The recipient will have made outstanding contributions to a district.
  • PTA Excellence Award.  This award recognizes a PTA who serves as a role model and inspiration to patients/clients, peers and students and strives to achieve optimal potential as a PTA.
  • Golden Goniometer Award.  This award is given to an individual or district who creates and/or participates in activities that raises awareness of our profession through events that support: 
  1. Fall Prevention Awareness Day (Mid-September)
  2. National PT Day of Service (Mid-October)
  3. National Physical Therapy Month (October)

Chapter Award General Criteria

    1. Candidates must be members in good standing of the APTA and may be nominated by any member of the New York Chapter. However, candidates for the New York Chapter Appreciation Award need not be APTA members.
    2. Nominations must be submitted on the official print or online form.
    3. Unsupported nominations will not be considered.
    4. A committee appointed by the Board of Directors will consider all nominations and choose recipients.
    5. Recipients of the Dr. Marilyn Moffat Distinguished Service, New York Chapter Appreciation, Public Relations and Merit Awards will be notified two weeks prior to the Delegate Assembly to ensure their presence during the presentation of awards.
    6. All awards will not necessarily be presented each year.



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