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Member Spotlight on Audrey Paslow, PT, DPT, NCS

Friday, December 15, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Carla Rosenbaum
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Audrey Paslow, PT, DPT, NCS

Physical Therapist, Ellis Medicine






December 2017


Audrey Paslow's enthusiasm for the PT industry is contagious! Over the years her role in the NYPTA has evolved from district positions to chapter level representation, and has included meeting and connecting with valuable colleagues and friends. In her free time, Audrey enjoys running, and also has a creative side - spending time on writing and photography, and even dabbles in fashion design!


Get to know Audrey Paslow, this month's member spotlight!


You are involved in many aspects of the NYPTA – as chair of the Leadership Committee, as Eastern District Chair, and recently were quite involved in the planning of the student conclave at Hunter College. Can you tell us how you became so involved in these roles the association, and what you find valuable and meaningful in these positions?


 The story to my involvement is quite simple: I wanted to be around active, like-minded professionals. I started going to District events a few years after graduating and at my first meeting saw Dolores Montero; she was one of my clinical instructors and a good mentor. She encouraged me at one point to run for District Chair, and I credit much of my success in this role to her early guidance! I applied via the Volunteer Interest Pool at Delegate Assembly to join the Leadership Committee, and was so excited when I received an invitation. Later, I was honored when asked if I’d like to be the Committee Chair. I firmly believe these opportunities have helped shape the person and physical therapist that I am today; it’s true, #PTTransforms! I am invested, involved, and excited about advocacy for our profession. I wouldn’t have known anything about these opportunities or grown like I have had it not been for my Chapter involvement. It’s kept me current, inspired, and engaged. The energy in our Chapter is contagious!


Tell us a little about your background, and how your path led you to where you are in your career today.


 I grew up playing soccer, am a runner, and was a certified personal trainer while working on my DPT. When I started my first job, I spent lots of time in our Neuro unit, and really enjoyed working with this patient population. When I joined Ellis Medicine in 2011, I was given the opportunity to collaborate on a concussion management program and jumped on it. Playing soccer as long as I did, I’m sure I sustained at least one concussion, but it wasn’t as well managed back then. It’s an ever-changing topic and the science has come a long way; I knew I wanted to be a part of the positive advances in this branch of medicine. During this time, I was given the chance to speak nationally as a subject matter expert and teaching consultant on concussion management in rehabilitation. I also taught for my District, and will have the opportunity to teach for our Chapter at the 2018 mini-conference. In my role at Ellis, I’ve been able to speak to our local news stations, newspapers, high schools, and practitioners about concussions. Those combined experiences over the past seven years helped me to develop a skillset in advocacy, education, and clinical expertise. Currently, I am the lead therapist for our concussion management program, and spend a lot of time working with local practitioners and school districts in developing a community-care based model for treatment. I am also an adjunct professor and subject matter expert for the School of Health Sciences at Excelsior College. I get a chance to spend time on both my passions; working with patients in the clinic and educating students. Similar to how I’ve taken the initiative to be engaged with NYPTA, I’ve done the same thing with my work; I’m constantly seeking new ways to be more involved and help.


You are an active member of the NYPTA. Can you tell us how membership in your professional associations has enhanced your career? 


 I can’t imagine that I would have grown as much as I have without being actively involved. I gained a broad network of talented colleagues whom I regularly speak with, and ask questions of. Attending conferences and spending time with fellow PT’s reminds me how lucky I am to be in a profession of such knowledgeable, compassionate practitioners. Also, I love leadership roles and volunteering with NYPTA has afforded me many opportunities to serve in that capacity.  I’ve joined in other efforts that I wouldn’t have even realized were out there – from advocacy to providing continuing education, furthering clinical research, and mentoring future leaders. How could I have seen all this without my involvement? I think that’s why I’m a good fit for our Leadership Committee; I want to share this with our colleagues – both present and future - so they can confidently join in these important efforts!


How is technology helping or changing your experience as in the PT industry? What is your favorite new technology or device? 


 I have incorporated my smartphone into my daily practice. I use metronomes, stopwatches, videos, and other patient education tools throughout treatment. It’s very helpful when it comes to illustrating a vestibular issue, or highlighting certain aspects of treatment with concussions. I think one of my favorite apps has to be QxMD; it saves all the latest research articles so I can review them when I’m ready. It’s amazing how much information we have at our fingertips today!


What is one of the biggest differences between now, and the time you first started practicing physical therapy?


 Though I haven’t been out in practice too long, it is interesting to see how the industry has been rapidly changing. As I’m watching more organizations merge, reimbursement change, and patient attendance and involvement in therapy change, I see how we are pushed to become more efficient and effective. It’s a challenge, but not insurmountable; it requires us to stay one step ahead of the curve, and is something we can certainly achieve together.


What is your favorite hobby or past time, and how have you incorporated that into your career if at all? 


 I have always had a bit of a creative side; I love writing and photography. As we speak, I am currently working on a new project that should incorporate those talents with my love for this profession! I don’t want to say too much yet, but I hope that this new venture will have a positive impact on other physical therapists who treat neurological disorders.


What advice would you give to a new professional, or a student of physical therapy as they embark on this career path?


 First, get involved, and stay involved! In this career, as there is with many, it’s so easy to get into a rut or suffer burn out. If you want to see positive changes in your profession, legislation passed that helps you and your patients, new research that advances clinical practice, volunteer opportunities that give back to the community, leadership development, or even career opportunities – what better place to find this than where the best and brightest of our profession connect?


 Secondly, you’ve undoubtedly worked hard to get to this point in your career. Take time for yourself as well. You can’t give 100% if you aren’t at 100%.


What else would you like your fellow NYPTA Members to know about you?


I am an avid apparel sewer and Project Runway fan. In one of my best weekend trips, my husband took me down to the Garment District in New York City as a reward and reprieve after taking my NCS Exam. Not only did I meet a Project Runway contestant (Kelly Dempsey), but I also met Mood Fabric’s mascot, Swatch! So, chances are when you see me, I’m wearing something I’ve handmade.



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