Marketing/Engagement: How to Reach the Local Media
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  1. Check the editorial/op ed page in the publication or on the publication’s website.
  2. Look for a mailing and/or email address to submit letters to the editor or op-eds. Be sure to check for any word limit and ensure the letter or op-ed does not exceed the limit. Also check to see whether the publication wants the letter and/or op-ed attached to the e-mail, embedded in the email or both. Check to see what kind of verification of authenticity the publication requires and provide it.
  3. Check the editorial/op-ed page for instructions on how to submit news or press releases. If there are no instructions on the editorial or op-ed page, check the local news section to see if there is a name and/or phone number or email address for a news editor. This is the person who should receive the press release.
  4. Be sure when sending in the material to provide a brief explanation so the publication has the proper context, and make sure your name, phone number and email address are prominently displayed so the appropriate person can contact you.
  5. For radio and television, look up the station’s website. If the site does not offer an obvious way to submit news tips, check the “contact us” section of the site and follow the instructions to send material to the appropriate person.
  6. Follow up with a personal email or phone call to the contact person at the media outlet to ensure they received the material and offer any assistance they may need in order to make use of the material.
  7. If you have a relationship with a particular reporter, broadcaster or editor, contact that person and ask if you can give them the press release and/or op-ed, or who the best person is to provide that to and the steps you should take to do so. Follow up.



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