High CoPay Sample Letter
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Simply copy and paste the letters into your word processing program and mail them to the capitol, customizing the text found in the brackets. Please remember to customize the text found inside the brackets.



The Honorable Senator OR Assembly Member [_________]
New York State Senate OR Assembly
Albany, NY if Senate 12247 OR if Assembly 12248

Dear Senator[ _________](OR Assembly Member):[ _____________]

I am writing to request your support for  A.1666 (Cahill)/S.2319 (DeFrancisco) that will prevent health insurance companies from requiring patients to pay excessively high copayments for physical therapy services. Health Insurance companies continue to restrict access to physical therapy services by imposing “specialty” copays, which can sometimes be in the range of $40 - $70 per visit, for all visits.  These high copays have been limiting the frequency and duration of care patients are able to afford.

The practice of categorizing independently practicing physical therapists as “specialists” has allowed health insurance payers to require consumers to pay the entire or nearly the entire cost of physical therapy care in copayments. Since physical therapy frequently requires multiple visits over an extended period of time as the practice of physical therapy works in conjunction with the healing process, many consumers are forced to pay nearly $600 or more per month in out-of-pocket expenses to receive physical therapy services. This is in addition to the cost of health insurance premiums paid by the consumer or their employer. Decisions to reduce the frequency or duration of their care, or to not even begin physical therapy treatment, has led to poor outcomes and complications, which only lead to higher costs for future health care. Fair copays lead to better outcomes. In these difficult economic times, it is a struggle for the average working patient to afford what they thought was a covered service. Physical therapy should not be grouped with the high specialist copays.

I urge you to support S.2319 sponsored by Senator DeFranscisco and A.1666 sponsored by Assemblyman Cahill to end the imposition of excessively high copays for New Yorkers for physical therapy services.

I look forward to your reply.


[Your Name]

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