Central District Policies and Procedures
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Delegates to Delegate Assembly: The elected officers of the Central District in office at the time of the Delegate Assembly are automatically Central District Delegates to the Delegate Assembly.

District Meetings: Central District meetings are to occur in various locations. Meetings are to be held on the first Thursday of the month. Light supper provided starting at 6 pm, meeting starting with presentation at 6:30 pm. Business meeting to be conducted at a pause in the presentation. Months for meetings and locations are:

  • January No Meeting
  • February No Meeting
  • March: Annual Meeting Syracuse
  • April: Watertown general meeting, and a Delegate conference
  • May: Albany Delegate Assembly
  • June: Syracuse
  • July: Utica
  • August: Watertown
  • September: Syracuse
  • October: Utica
  • November: Syracuse
  • December: No Meeting

Executive Committee Meetings: Meetings will be prior to District Meetings in June, August, October, and November. Conference calls can be held at other times as needed. A meeting of the Executive Committee with the new and old officers should be held to plan for the coming year and assist new officers with assuming their roles.

June 7, 2007

Central District newsletter: A newsletter is to be mailed prior to each meeting (8 per year). The newsletter will be a one page tri-fold document possibly on colored paper as incorporating color in the newsletter is costly.

Fees for advertising: 1 panel of a 6 panel newsletter: $150.00 for non-members and $75.00 for members.

Student Mini-Conclave: The Central District is supportive of offering a Student Mini-Conclave. The Central District will provide financial support for one Student Conclave within the Central District each year which will be no more than $400.00.

Reimbursement is sought from the APTA first. Costs above NYPTA reimbursement are to be submitted with receipts within 30 days after the event to the Central District treasurer. The person to be paid must be clearly identified.

A group requesting financial assistance from Central District for a Mini-Conclave must meet current Leadership Committee guidelines for Student Mini-Conclave to qualify for funding. Requests will be funded on a first come, first serve basis. Requests must be submitted in writing to an officer of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee officer will present the request to the Executive Committee at the next meeting. If an Executive Committee meeting is not scheduled to permit action in a timely manner, the Co-Chair can notify the Executive Committee and grant approval of the request if it meets Central District policy.

Gifts for outgoing officers: The Central District will recognize member service to the Central District with a paper certificate and a gift certificate from APTA.

The nominating committee will notify the Recording Secretary and the Treasurer of those Officers who have fulfilled their terms.

The Recording Secretary prepares a computer generated certificate thanking each Officer for their service in their position (even if they are running again).
The Treasurer obtains gift certificates from APTA for $20.00 for each outgoing Officer (even if they are running again).

November 28, 2007

Attendance to District Meetings by Non-Members:

The NYPTA Chapter Board of Directors voted to charge non-members attending District meetings a fee, or an ”admission” charge. A fee of $5.00 is charged to all non-APTA members attending District meetings, excepting students. Students who are non-members will be charged $1.00.

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