2015 Slate of Candidates
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2015 Slate of Candidates


Stephen Lahr, PT, PhD


JJ Mowder Tinney, PT, PhD, NCS, C/NDT, CSRS.

Chief Delegate

Peggy J. Lynam, PT, DPT, NCS

Nominating Committee Member

There are no nominees for this position.


NAME: Stephen P. Lahr, PT, PhD.


NYPTA DISTRICT: Southern Tier       


EDUCATION:  BS, 1975, Physical Therapy, Ithaca College;  PhD, 1989, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, SUNY Upstate

Associate Professor and Chair, Physical Therapy Department, Ithaca College. In July 2014 I began a four year term as Physical Therapy Department Chair and I have been a faculty member at Ithaca College since 1990. Previously I have served multiple terms as Ithaca Planning Unit Director for the PT Department and oversaw logistical issues in Ithaca like arranging the course schedules and the operating budget. In addition, I have served as chair of several all-college committees including: Human Subject Review Board, Academic Policies Committee sub-committee on policy, and the Information Technology Planning Advisory Committee.

National:  None
Chapter: Treasurer, 2013 to present; Finance Committee, 2008 to present; House of Delegates, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, (selected as district delegate for 2015)
District: Southern Tier District Delegate to DA 2006-2012 (District Chief Delegate 2007-2010); Southern Tier District Vice Chair, 2006; Southern Tier District Chair, 2006-2010; Central District Director, 1981-1983; Central District Treasurer, 1980-1981  

member APTA Section on Education

What strategies might you use to inform the membership about how their dues are being spent and about how you are functioning as a steward of those funds?

In my first term as NYPTA Treasurer, my communication goal was to keep the handling and understanding of NYPTA finances as transparent as feasible to the membership. If elected to a second term, I plan to continue this through an annual report published in the Empire State Newsletter, the annual report to the Delegate Assembly published for all members to read on the NYPTA web site, and reports for each meeting of the Board of Directors also published online and available to all members. I have tried to make all these reports contain the recent fund figures, and also include my perspective (best economic guess) on financial concerns.

As an elected NYPTA officer, I see my primary role to NYPTA as to oversee the NYPTA financial resources and to promote their use to facilitate the goals and objectives of the NYPTA. Second, I see my role as providing insightful input to the EC and BOD based on my nearly 40 years as a NYPTA member.

In this period of healthcare change and continued economic volatility, I think the following topics need to be discussed:

  1. While I continue to support the concept of using some NYPTA assets in excess of operating funds for the use of “special” one time projects, the question becomes one of timing around how long can we, or do we want, to continue this type of spending option.
  2. Build a larger “contingency fund” line. The question is what dollar amount is feasible and appropriate to allow the BOD and Executive Committee suitable flexibility to respond to unexpected events and/or deal with decreases in expected revenue without balancing the budget in mid-year.



NAME: JJ Mowder Tinney, PT, PhD, NCS, C/NDT, CSRS.

NYPTA DISTRICT:   Finger Lakes




EDUCATION: BS  Psychology, 1992, University of Colorado, Boulder, Co;  MS, Physical Therapy, 1994, University of Miami, Miami, Fl;  PhD, Physical Therapy with a focus on education and research, 2008, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL

PRESENT EMPLOYMENT: Associate Professor, Tenured, Nazareth College, Rochester, NY  6/11-present
Currently teach multiple courses primarily in the area of Neuromuscular Rehabilitation including Neuromuscular I and II and the Advanced Neuromuscular elective.  In addition, facilitate research groups, instruct the PT introductory course Patient Client Management I and instruct on Integumentary Management.  Prior to 2011, I was also the Director of Clinical Education for 6 years.

National: Level CI Credentialed Instructor ( 2008 - present); Neurology Section Research Committee member (2009-2012); Neurology Section Research Committee abstract reviewer (2009-present)
Chapter: NYPTA Program Committee (2010-2012); NYPTA Program Committee Chair (2011-present)
District: Finger Lakes District secretary (2008-2009)



As the Secretary you serve as a member of the Chapter Board of Directors.  What strategies would you use to ensure that you are fulfilling a leadership role on the Board?

When I was nominated for secretary, I was at first hesitant to accept the nomination.  The importance of this position made me thoughtfully consider if I could truly live up to the needs of the members.  I thought about all of the great opportunities I have had (and continue to have) as both a committee member and chair of the Program committee including attending board meetings, conferences, and delegate assembly.  These experiences have taught me more than I could have imagined and have reinforced the importance of this association and the impact of strong leaders.   I know my knowledge has limitations however; my passion for this profession has no limits.   My desire to share the passion I have for our profession will be my driving force for ensuring that I fulfill my leadership role on the board. I have been lucky to have skilled mentors to facilitate my involvement at the district and state level, and I plan to continue to learn from those mentors as well as look forward to gaining knowledge from new colleagues.  After careful consideration, I felt the secretary position would allow me to actively support our association while gaining greater understanding of the needs of our members and sharing my passion in a leadership role.  I appreciate your consideration for this position and look forward to the possibility of taking on this new challenge.

Chief Delegate

NAME: Peggy J. Lynam, PT, DPT, NCS

NYPTA DISTRICT: Greater New York




EDUCATION: BS, Physical Therapy, 1982, Ithaca College; MS, Post-Professional- Adult Neuromuscular Physical Therapy, 1989, Long Island University; DPT, 2007, A. T. Still University of Health Sciences, Arizona School of Health Sciences

PRESENT EMPLOYMENT:  Self-employed with home health practice, 2005 -  present; Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, Long Island University, 2005-present

National:  None
Chapter: Chief Delegate, 2013-present;Speaker of Delegate Assembly (2006-2012); Treasurer (2001-2005); Strategic Planning Task Force (2013); Governance Review Task Force (2011-2013); Finance Committee (10/99-2005); CE Task Force (2001-2002); Chapter Delegate to HOD x 18
District: GNY :  Member at-Large, 2012-present, Delegate to Delegate Assembly x1; BSI:  Chapter Director (1994-1999), District Chair (1991-1994), Program Committee (1990-1991), Delegate to Delegate Assembly x 13


What do you believe are the major challenges facing PT in the next three years?  How can you, in your role of Chief Delegate, help to impact these challenges?

I believe the major challenges facing physical therapy in the next 3 years are demonstrating the value of physical therapist services to external stakeholders (consumers, payers, regulators and legislators) and gaining recognition for physical therapists’ evolving identity as “movement system” specialists. Meeting these challenges should assist with ongoing efforts to reduce barriers between consumers and physical therapist services (such as obtaining unrestricted direct access) and obtaining reform of the payment system so physical therapists are paid appropriately for our services.

APTA is already working on these challenges and has been organizing its efforts around achieving the new Vision for the physical therapy profession, “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience” and the guiding principles of identity, quality, collaboration, innovation, consumer-centricity, access/equity and advocacy.

In my role as Chief Delegate, I can help to impact these challenges by leading the Chapter delegation in participating in more year-round House of Delegates related activities such as the Virtual Town Halls which are being geared towards how to achieve the Vision and its guiding principles. In addition, by monitoring the HOD Community discussion boards, I can stay up-to-date on these issues and provide guidance to the Chapter Board of Directors and Delegate Assembly when discussing potential motions that could impact APTA’s work in these areas. Finally, as Chief Delegate, I can represent NYPTA’s voice at regional Northeast Caucus and national Chief/Section/Assembly meetings when ideas for how to better address these challenges are being formulated and discussed.

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