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          We have been contacted by Performant Recovery to share the following information with you:

Performant Recovery is the Recovery Auditor for Region A who has been directed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid to review Prepay Therapy Cap claims through December 31, 2013.

Providers have been receiving requests for documentation since April 2013 and have been responding either by mailing documents or faxing them to us. Unfortunately some of the faxes are not coming through to us clearly or completely making it challenging for reviews to be conducted timely.

Performant Recovery is requesting your assistance in communicating the attached information to Therapy Providers who may be faxing records to our office in response to a letter request they have received.

We believe that following these best practices will help to ensure complete and clear faxes are transmitted to us so that we can complete reviews timely. Otherwise there have been certain cases where faxes are cut off and this may delay our review times.

We are reaching out to you to communicate to you and your members so that we can work with them to minimize inconvenience for providers. We are also posting this information on our website.


  1. Fill out a clear, complete fax cover sheet with the correct number of pages to be sending. The ADR barcode sheet must be sent as the second page (first page is the coversheet).
  2. Configure your fax machine to send faxes as they are scanned, i.e. do not use a memory send mode.
  3. Send faxes at 200x200dpi resolution with normal quality. Please do not send with ‘Fine’ or ‘Super-Fine’.
  4. Please use the highest transmission rate available.
  5. Having the fax machine on its own dedicated phone line is always best practice.
  6. If your fax machine is capable of taking a phone call, please set your machine to fax only.
  7. Please only send 1 fax at a time. Please wait until the previous fax has been fully sent before loading more documents. Just as with any other record submission, each record should be sent separately with the ADR Barcode sheet included.
  8. Configure your fax machine to include header information. The Fax number or sender name is generally used.


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