Lobby Day, PAC and YOU
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Lobby Day, PAC and You

Don’t Go On Without Reading This!!!!

By Patrick VanBeveren, PT, DPT, MA, OCS, GCS, CSCS

Never in your professional lifetime will political involvement be more important than it is right now! The next several years will see dramatic changes in healthcare financing as a majority of tax dollars go toward funding the system. Additionally health insurers, facing unprecedented economic pressures in an unstable economy, look for ways to deny or limit physical therapy services. If you’ve never been politically active, or only minimally so, now is the time to step up and do something for your profession.

You can have a significant and lasting effect on your legislator’s perception of the physical therapy profession. But you can’t do it from the sidelines. You need to attend Lobby Day and make a political action committee (PAC) contribution. NYPTA needs you! You are the expert on physical therapy care and you are responsible for the future of your profession.

Legislators rely on their constituents to be informed about how policy and regulation affect their local communities. Are your patients being given the care they need? Have carriers cut your reimbursement to below reasonable levels? Have co-pays rocketed past the level that your patients can afford? Are you so bogged down in reporting regulation that it affects how much care you can give your patients? Are regulations unequally applied to you comparedto other providers? Complaining to your colleagues or to the NYPTA is not as effective as letting your legislator know that you expect him or her to address these problems so that their constituents can be better served in physical therapy. Your legislator needs to hear from you!

Form a relationship with your legislator. You need to partner with them to make your community a better place to live. That is what they are there for. Visit your legislator in the home office, at fund-raisers or town hall meetings and let them know how they can help. Contact your district’s legislative liaison to help with these activities. Your legislator will appreciate your input and your profession will be better for it.

You also need to make a financial commitment to PAC to allow NYPTA to work on your behalf. Dues cannot be used for this purpose. Is a $100 contribution too much to ask to ensure that there is a future for physical therapy? You have car and house insurance to make sure you have a roof over your head and transportation to get to your job. How about protecting the future of your job and the profession of physical therapy? Write a check to NYPT-PAC and mail it today.

I look forward to seeing you in Albany for NYPTA’s Lobby Day on May 17.

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