2013 PTA Caucus Business Meeting – Executive Summary
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2013 PTA Caucus Business Meeting – Executive Summary

June 22-23, 2013 Salt Lake City, UT
Carrie Gatlin Fuller, PTA, RPSFCA
ATPA PTA Caucus Representative, New York Chapter


Carrie Gatlin Fuller of New York City represented the New York chapter at the 2013 PTA Caucus and House of Delegates (House) in Salt Lake City Utah June 22-26. Before remarking on the meetings, I would like to extend a personal thank you for your support that allowed me to represent our chapter.

Amy Smith, Chief Delegate presided over the meeting. Forty-six chapters were represented. Absent chapters included CT, MT, ND, and WV. The District of Columbia continues to be unrepresented.

Reports were received from Advocacy Committee, Cathleen Tarro, Chair; Communication Committee, Jason Dougherty and Wendy McGinty, Co-chairs; Education Committee, Karen Abboud, Chair; Membership Committee, Jane Jackson, Chair; Payment Committee, Sean Bagbey, Chair; and Public Relations Committee, Brad Thuringer, Chair. The Caucus also heard from Janet Crosier, APTA staff regarding PTA initiatives and Brad Thuringer, PT-PAC Trustee promoting 100% participation in PT-PAC contributions.

Jennifer Green-Wilson, Director, APTA Board of Director (BOD) provided a leadership program on change management, including identifying effective and ineffective responses to change.

The PTA Caucus reviewed the goals that they had established during their 2012 business meeting in light of the work being conducted by the PTA-BOD Work Group. As a result of this discussion, the Caucus adopted motions that would:

  • Support the work of the PTA Education Feasibility Study Work Group while developing objectives and strategies for the PTA Caucus;
  • Support the PTA Recognition Program and the developing Advanced Proficiency Pathways (APPs) for the PTA, including writing out the entire recognition on business cards and other documents. Additionally, the Caucus will consider other language that describes the culmination of expertise that is currently considered ‘advanced proficiency;’
  • Support and contribute to activities that promote and protect payment for PTA provided services;
  • Support the work of the Models of Health Care Delivery Task Force while developing a more specific goal to clarify the intent of the PTA Caucus; and
  • Confirm their belief that the PTA should remain the only care extender for the physical therapist.

The PTA Caucus also heard the report from the Alternative Structure Task Force and held several discussions in executive session. The following motion was adopted: The delegates shall develop a plan to bring an RC to the 2015 HOD that will create an alternative or hybrid structure for PTA members with a report to the 2014 PTA Caucus. Talking points were distributed to the representatives. The PTA Caucus will continue to work with the PTA BOD Work Group concurrently.

PTA Caucus Nominating Committee conducted candidate interviews and elections. Those elected to serve included: Sean Bagbey (IN), Delegate; Cathleen Tarro (WA), Delegate; Crystal Morris (NC), Alternate Delegate; and Danny Landry (LA), Nominating Committee. The Chief Delegate also acknowledged outgoing officers, John Kelly, Niki Wallen, Russell Chrischilles, and Jean Hamrick as well as those who had attained PTA Recognition. She also acknowledged the efforts of the PTAs who have assisted with disaster relief after natural disasters in the past year. Chris Junkins (NC) paid tribute to David Emerick, Sr., APTA PTA of the Year on behalf of the Caucus.

Continuing their discussion of new business on Monday evening, the PTA Caucus discussed the 2013 RCs, with emphasis on those RCs that have eliminated the PTA from the policy/position or have changed ‘physical therapy’ services to ‘physical therapist’ services. The Caucus decided to co-sponsor the motion that would declare John Stackpole an honorary member.

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