ImPACt, June 20, 2013
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Hello to all,

PTA Bill

Since our last newsletter we have continued to work toward seeing our legislative initiatives realized during this legislative session. The response to President Matt Hyland’s call to action has resulted in our PTA Bill (S.3555/Griffo – A.7293/Zebrowski) moving from the Labor Committee in both houses, to the floor, through the Rules Committee, passed the Assembly and is now on the floor in the Senate in the order of the third reading for a vote. Please continue to call and email your legislators so that we can see this very important legislation passed. While we in no way anticipate that the legislation will have any impact on cost or quality of care, moving legislation related to the workers’ compensation is always difficult due to the ever present cost concerns and the number of stakeholders involved in the system.

HIgh Copay Bill

I wish I was able to report such movement for our High Copay Bill (S.2319/DeFrancisco – A.1666/Cahill). We left Lobby Day with a sense that this bill would move during this session, and unfortunately at this point, it has not moved out of the Insurance Committee in either house. Though this is disappointing, we need to show our legislators that we are not going to allow this lack of movement to reduce our efforts or resolve to see this bill become law in New York State.

I urge each of you to call your legislators in the next few days to voice your concern for the lack of progress of this bill. Those of you who have legislators on the Insurance Committee, please reach out and ask for feedback as to why the bill has not moved. A list of the Senate and Assembly Insurance Committees can be found on the Legislation section of the NYPTA website ( Share your conversations with APOL and the NYPTA Leadership, and we will begin to address the barriers that exist. We will see this bill become a law, and together we can get it done.

AMA Study

On a related topic, a recently released AMA study found that patients are responsible for nearly one-quarter of health bills through copays, deductibles and coinsurance. You can learn more about the study and the AMA’s insurer report care by clicking on the following link:

Finally, the legislative session is winding down for the year -- at least the scheduled end of session. Depending on what is left undone and the likelihood of compromise on major issues, they may come back later in the year. To date, the legislative session has been noted for lack of progress with a historically low number of bills passing both houses.

I offer my sincere gratitude for all that you do to help move our legislative efforts forward.

Until next month, all the best,

Mike Mattia

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