Central District Newsletter: June 12, 2012
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Hello Central District Member,

This is the first e-newsletter for Central District members of the NYPTA as we switch from paper to e-newsletters. We hope this method of receiving information about district events allows members quick access to updates as it saves printing and mailing costs for the membership. This e-newsletter contains a report from the Delegate Assembly of the NYPTA, a brief update on Lobby Day,  information about continuing education program updates and a notice about equipment and supplies for sale by members.

Happy reading.

Updates from Central District Representative Gabe Briggs on NYPTA Delegate Assembly that was held May 4-5, 2012 in Troy, NY.:

As in years past, the Delegate Assembly provided much discussion surrounding several key issues that will directly impact our profession in physical therapy.  Delegates, students, and NYPTA elected officials from all over New York State came together to have their voices heard.  This year’s speakers at the DA were Dave Pariser, Board of Director’s Liaison, Tracey Sawyer, Chair of Public Relations Committee, and Mark Amir, Chief Delegate from Staten Island/Long Island. 

Dave Pariser spoke about RC-3-11, a hot topic of debate at the 2011 DA.  RC-3-11 suggested that health professionals and personnel involved in the delivery of physical therapy be extended beyond PTs, PTAs, and PT Aides (our current model), and include Athletic Trainers, Clinical Exercise Physiologists and Massage Therapists.  Many attendees felt that this could lead to decreased reimbursement by insurance companies, allow other less-prepared professions to perform within our scope of practice, and have unforeseen, far-reaching implications on our profession. 

Supporters of RC-3-11 felt that this would allow physical therapists to use these extenders to deliver care to patients as a means of increasing the number of patients seen, as well as cut costs in this era of decreased reimbursement by the payers.  More information can be found on www.NYPTA.org

Tracey Sawyer’s presentation explained a rather unique initiative underway to get the attention of potential future patients.  Movie theaters in all 10 districts across New York State will be running an ad campaign from July 6 to August 2, 2012 designed to bring consumer awareness to our profession.  The ad is 30 seconds in length and will greatly attract viewers to an NYPTA consumer-specific website that will educate and enlighten the viewing audience.  Every showing of every movie in major theaters across the state will air this advertisement. 

Mark Amir discussed recent legislation to end high co-pays, get the NYS Worker’s Compensation Board to review the current fee schedule that guides reimbursement to physical therapists who treat injured workers, and pass a law that allows for reimbursement of care rendered by a PTA on Worker’s Compensation and No Fault patients.  Mark informed us that New York State is the leader in establishing co-pay legislation.  Way to go fellow NYPTA members!  Currently, PTAs are not reimbursed for treating Worker’s Comp and No Fault patients. 

The Delegate Assembly is a great way to get involved in the politics of what governs our profession and meet other great PT/PTAs from around the state.  It is critical that we emphasize to current PT and PTA students the importance of becoming involved in the legislative side of our profession, as well as staying a member of the APTA after graduation.

 Continuing Education Updates:

1.      Planning for the continuing education course on managing traumatic neck pain with Dr. James Elliott being offered June 23-24 by the Central District in Syracuse, NY is going well. This course will help us meet one of the goals outlined in the NYPTA strategic plan for disseminating and exchanging information related to the profession of physical therapy. Course registration fees collected to up until May 2012 were sufficient to cover the costs of hosting this event and this program may generate some funds the district can use for future events.For information about this course, visit the Central District web page.

2.    The Central District is planning multiple meetings with continuing education components where CEHs will be offered in 2012-2013. The district would like to present programming on:

                          a) rules, regulations and reimbursement for physical therapy care

                          b) a topic related to physical therapy in the acute care setting

                          c) a topic related to physical therapy practice in the pediatric setting

                          d) medical informatics and

                          e) NYPTA governance.

3.   In an effort to extend programming to a greater number of members the Central District is looking into webcasting programming to members in all areas of the Central District. If you have knowledge to share about how to make this possible please contact Alyson Hackett, the corresponding secretary for the Central District at: alyson.m.hackett@gmail.com

Equipment and Supplies For Sale

Equipment and supplies from the LaFayette office of Gabe Yankowitz and Bob Burton are for sale. More information on this can be found at the Central District facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nypta-Central-District/157151154306258 or by contacting Gabe Yankowitz at : Gaberun@aol.com or Robert Burton  at rburtonpt@yahoo.com.  Equipment and supplies available include a:

  1. Chattanooga hilo traction table with traction unit $2000
  2. Eagle multi hip $500
  3. Polaris Back Extension $500
  4. Response multi station $2000
  5. Four weight stacks
  6. Parafin bath with unused parafin blocks
  7. Metal office desk
  8. Various smaller items such as wrist splints, cervica collars, home traction (door), back supports, etc. and
  9. numerous towels and patient gowns in good condition

All prices negotiable.
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