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Join us April 10th for a CE presentation, and to vote on the below slate of candidates.

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greater new york district slate of candidates

Elections: April 10, 2018 

Cary Kandel-Nadler, PT, DPT

Candidate for Chapter Director/Chairman

Candidate Statement:

I've been an APTA member since earning my license in 2014, and was previously a student member beginning in 2012. I became active with the district when I moved to New York four years ago by attending district and executive board meetings, and since that time have served our district as Member at Large and Vice Chair. I participated in the Leadership Development Workshop in 2015, served as a District Delegate to the Delegate Assembly in 2015 and 2016, and as the district’s Designated Delegate to the House of Delegates in 2016. In my involvement with the district I've coordinated speakers and logistics for numerous continuing education lectures, helped to organize PT Day of Service events, improved our district’s visibility on social media, and act as one of the district's membership liaisons. At this point I am ready to expand my involvement with our district and Chapter organization by serving as Chapter Director and Chair.


Katie Parrotte, PT, DPT

Candidate for Vice Chairman


Candidate Statement:


Katie Parrotte is a 2012 graduate from Ithaca College, and has lived and worked in the Greater New York District since early 2013. She has been a member of the APTA and NYPTA since 2009, when she joined as a student. She became involved with the GNY district in March 2017, and quickly took over the role of Legislative Liaison. In this role she coordinated attendance by district members to Lobby Day in Albany, NY, which she will do again this Spring. Katie has also established the Legislative Task Force to help enhance and expand legislative efforts within the District. While she was a PT student, Katie attended Lobby Day in Albany twice, attended the Federal Advocacy Forum in Washington DC, and was a Student Delegate twice at the NYPTA Delegate Assembly. Furthermore, she has extensive experience working with organizations, having sat on many executive boards during her time at college, including for the Residence Hall Association as the Communications Director, the National Residence Hall Honorary as the President, and Habitat for Humanity as the Event Planning Chair. Through these roles, Katie developed skills in running meetings using Robert’s Rules of Order, organizing events, including a conference for over 350 students and faculty, and creating meeting agendas and status reports. Based on her experience she is qualified for the position of Vice Chairman, and is enthusiastically running for the opportunity to serve in this role.


Rosa E. Torres-Panchame, PT, DPT, OCS


Candidate for Vice Chairman


Candidate Statement:

My name is Rosa Elena Torres-Panchame.  I graduated from Long Island University in 2004 with my Bachelor’s and Master’s in Physical Therapy.  I continued to complete my transitional DPT in 2009 and received my certification as a Board Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy in 2012.  I completed workshops and coursework in Medical Science Education in the UK, receiving a certificate from the Association for Medical Education in Europe through the International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) in 2013. Currently, I am in a Fellowship with IAMSE and enrolled in a PhD in Physical Therapy program at Nova Southeastern University.  Currently, I practice on a regular per diem basis in an outpatient clinic but retain full time employment as an Assistant Professor in Physical Therapy at Long Island University’s DPT program.  I have been recently motivated to increase my activity within the profession via the GNY District/ NYPTA in mutual alignment with my work and life projections.

A Vice Chair position involves supportive skills in organizational leadership. Good organizational leadership requires ability of interpersonal skills, timely communication, technical abilities, adaptability, dependability, and a collaborative or team-work based ethics.  I’ve had the opportunity to explore and grow these skills and abilities in my work-related experiences in the roles of Clinical Director within a small outpatient practice, as Director of Physical Therapy Admissions, as well as, Assistant Professor within the academic setting.   These positions require building relationships, being extremely organized, making on-the-spot decisions, time management, and demonstrating consistency in roles and responsibility for constituents.  I think these skills and abilities will complement the position and support the Chair and members of the Greater New York District.


Sushant Abrol, PT, MS, DPT

Candidate for Member at Large

Candidate Statement:

I would like to state that being a part of the GNY district, I have had various learning experiences from the district meetings to the House of Delegates. I have also been involved in the GNY district as Membership Liaison which gave me the additional experience of communicating and reaching out to members of the organization. Knowing our great Team and the working structure of NYPTA, it gives me confidence that I can continue to take some more responsibilities on behalf of the GNY district to serve and to support for the betterment of the organization.


Raymon Ragunauth, PT, DPT

Candidate for Member at Large

Candidate Statement:


I am graduate of Stony Brook University (undergrad, 2012) and LIU University- Brooklyn (DPT, 2015). At Stony Brook I was the President of the Athletic training club and the Athletic Training representative to the Health Science Center Student Alliance. At LIU I was the vice president of the Physical Therapy club.


Professional events/positions held:

  • Student delegate to delegate assembly (NYPTA)
  • Director’s intern to Board of Directors meeting (NYPTA)
  • Attends meetings and events for GNY and B/SI districts
  • Minority Affairs Committee (NYPTA)
  • GNY Legislative Task Force
  • Student Social Committee (GNY)

My experiences/skill set are very diversified and I believe this is a good characteristic for this position. I am involved with different groups and this allows me to connect to many different therapists in the NYC area. As the Member at Large I would use my resources to increase involvement in the GNY district as well as facilitate growth of ideas.


Wen Ling, PT, PhD

Candidate for Nominating Committee


Candidate Statement:



I have been a member of the Greater New York District since 1981.  I have been actively involved in the American Physical Therapy Association at the district, state, and national levels.   I have served as a Greater New York (GNY) District delegate to the Delegate Assembly, a member of the Nominating Committee of the GNY District, chair of the Minority Affairs Committee of the New York Physical Therapy Association, member of the Awards Committee of the American Physical Therapy Association, member and chair of the Minority Affairs Panel of the American Physical Therapy Association, and organizer of the Minority Scholarship fundraising event held in New York City in 2002.

I have been a faculty member at New York University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program since 1985.  Thus, I have personal knowledge of and stayed in contact with recent graduates, the group we are interested in retaining as members of the American Physical Therapy Association.  I am comfortable  recruiting district members to run for leadership positions in the GNY District.


GNY Slate of Candidates Posted on 2/26/2018


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GNY Budget

2018 GNY Approved Budget - Posted on November  27, 2017


2017 GNY Approved Budget - Budget was post on October 27, 2016


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Greater New York Bylaws

Read the District Bylaws (amended May 2017) and the latest Bylaw Amendment Motion (posted 3/3/2017)!



We want you to serve as a GNY District Delegate at the 2018 NYPTA Delegate Assembly! This is an opportunity to become more involved in the NYPTA, and engage in the current professional issues and hot topics.

Delegate Assembly convenes May 11-12, 2018 in Saratoga, NY. See our flyer for more information on participation as a Delegate. 

If you are interested in representing the Greater New York District at this event, or would like more information, please contact Rebecca Kalb!



For the most current information on the Chapter's legislative agenda, please visit the NYPTA's Public Policy page.


Want to get more involved legislatively? Contact GNY's Legislative Liaison, Katie Parrotte!


Please see the Event Page for more information on Lobby Day 2018, we need you to join us in Albany! 










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