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MEDIA ADVISORY: Local Physical Therapists Push for Fair Co-Pays





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The New York Physical Therapy Association (NYPTA) is working to end the unfair practice of outrageous “specialty” co-pays, which can cost patients thousands of additional dollars and result in foregone treatment.

NYPTA is asking members of the State Legislature to support A.187 sponsored by Assemblyman Cahill and the Senate same as bill, S.4870 sponsored by Senator DeFrancisco. The bills provide that no health care policy shall impose co-payments in excess of twenty percent of total reimbursement to the provider of care.

Currently, co-pays are not limited and may (and often do) exceed the amount reimbursed to the physical therapist. For example, some co-pays are as much as $50 per visit for physical therapy treatments that require up to 20 or more sessions per month. The additional co-pays for this patient would be $1,000 per month. Meanwhile the PT reimbursement might only be $35 per visit, meaning the patient is paying more than 100% of the per visit costs.

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“We are back in Albany fighting for our patients, these bills, and the profession because out-of-control additional co-payments are costing individual New Yorkers thousands of additional dollars for essential health care services and costing the health care system millions,” said NYPTA’s President Matthew R. Hyland, PT, PhD, MPA, CSCS. “These bills fairly limit the co-pay to 20 percent of the cost of care, or reimbursement rate, and will not only reduce short-term costs for all New Yorkers but will also reduce overall long-term health care costs for New York State. It’s a rare win-win for the taxpayers and the health care system.”

Hyland continued: “We are thankful that Assemblyman Cahill and Senator DeFrancisco are sponsoring the fair co-pay bill and are in Albany today to ask for additional co-sponsors and additional support from all legislators. We will also continue the fight each and every day in legislative districts around the state until this bill passes and New Yorkers have fair, reasonable and affordable co-pays for physical therapy and other essential health care services.”

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About NYPTA: The New York Physical Therapy Association is a professional, non-profit association of approximately 12,000 Physical Therapists (PTs), Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) and PT/PTA students. The NYPTA is dedicated to serving the public's health interests, improving the standard of health for people of all ages and advancing the benefits of physical therapy and the interests of physical therapy professionals in state of New York. To learn more about the New York Physical Therapy Association please visit



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